Why not book your kids into a trial class at Dance Century London (DCL)?

Does your child show a love of music and dance inspired by their favourite pop star or television program? At Dance Century London (DCL) we know all about the dance factor and the joy and happiness it can bring. So, if you have a child who just can't stop tapping their feet, bring them along to us for dance classes that give them a chance to be creative and bust some funky moves!

A great dance class starts with a great teacher, and Suzy fits the bill - perfectly! Bubbly in nature and a professional trained dancer, all of her classes are taught with passion, a sense of fun and a big dose of infectious energy. Kids just love her! Classes are taught in age appropriate classes and all are choreographed by Suzy herself against a back-track of Street and Contemporary Dance.

Bringing your kids to classes will help develop their confidence, self esteem, balance and coordination, as well as impressing their friends with the latest moves danced out in music videos! The last 10 minutes of the session are handed over to freestyle. Suzy encourages the kids to make up their own moves and teach her some new shapes and sequences!

Each class is taught in a relaxed atmosphere where numbers are kept small and new friendships encouraged. The more overcrowded the class, the less your child will pick up. And it's a good workout too for weight management - kids leave sweating! And if you're not too sure if your child will enjoy it, we offer a free taster session. But we don't mind betting your child will be doing the hot shoe shuffle back for their next class soon!

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Our Dance parties are great fun for girls and boys of all ages, and guarantee lots of fun.

We understand every child is different, so here at Dance Century London we pride ourselves on creating a totally unique Birthday, Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah party for their special day.

Choose the dance style and music you like, or leave it all up to us. Our team of professional dancers will then choreograph a fun routine or make it simple, and let us get your crowed going.

On the big day just hand it over to us and relax!!!

So, whether you want a dancing Teddy Bears’ Picnic for your 4 year old or a funky Street Dance session for a sweet sixteen, we’ll create the perfect party!

For more info please contact us using our enquiry form or give us a call